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Punctuality on providing services and delivering products, in addition to respect and attention to the customer’s needs, have been Casa Pedra’s trademark throughout the years. Information exchange, learning and teaching, is the daily routine of a team that fuels and heightens our work. We know that our success is proportional to the satisfaction of our business partners and customers, with whom we are privileged to maintain a relationship involving common efforts and objectives. In this way Casa Pedra has become an unique company, with incomparable methodology, both in forest advisement and in consultancy for industrial projects, as well as in business representation for the most respected manufacturers of frames, panels and knife blades that operate in Brazil. The establishment of Casa Pedra’s presence in the market results from a rule that guides our philosophy. Besides our products and services, we offer our customers safety, reliability and responsibility. You can count on us for solving your needs.

Forest Advisement



Casa Pedra offers forest advisement for a number of companies to 40 years.. We have solutions for exploring and expanding eucalyptus forests, honey harvest, oil, coal, carbon removal, cellulose and sawed timber. Our solutions allow us to achieve the highest profitability possible per hectare of planted forest. We also offer accreditation services, obtaining beside the proper official agencies the Forest Certification and Chain of Custody Certification for the companies regular operations.
Certified wood is the name given to native or planted wood, regularly explored by means of forest management techniques approved by specialized agencies. Chain of Custody is the special name that identifies the certified product resulting from the transformation of adequately certified wood.


Industrial Project



Accumulated knowledge about manufacturing techniques for frames, sawnwood, panels, doors and stops enable us to offer advisement in product planning and development. We guide our clients through machinery acquisition, and we have also identified consumer markets and distribution networks. We are qualified for indicating specialized labor and we provide information about technical finishing, special resins and other processes. Our advising is indispensable for better utilization of invested financial and human resources. We stress that the global consumer market determines the products forthcoming success. More and more, the market requires excellence in quality and improving of exploration techniques that respect the environment.






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Joanópolis - São Paulo - Brazil

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